Get Engaged

An Inclusive Party for a Diverse Community

The Douglas County Republican Party welcomes all people who share our political ideals regardless of their gender, race or ethnicity.

We are committed to making our local Republican party more diverse to reflect the demographics of our State and County.

We encourage minority volunteers, candidates and future members, who identify with Republican ideals and want a voice in American politics on the local, state or national level, to reach out to our local branch of the Republican party.

If you would like more information please contact our Director of Minority Engagement, Francisco Artley at

Get Out The Vote

The present is a crucial time for our county. Now more than ever, Republican ideals of family, religion and individual accountability are needed to hold the fabric of our nation together. However, locally those values are in danger.

During the 2014 election cycle, the State Democratic Party poured many resources into Douglas County and it showed. Republican Governor Nathan Deal and United States Senator David Perdue both lost in Douglas County. Two local Republicans lost their School Board elections. Another two local Republicans lost State Senate and House of Representatives elections. Finally, our Republican District Attorney and Solicitor General narrowly won their elections by 1.22 percent and 1.16 percent respectively.

We must register unregistered voters who identify with Republican ideals and bring disengaged registered Republican voters back into the fold.


We are Republican we believe… The guidance provided by our families and faith should determine the course of our lives, not the government. The strength of our nation lies with the individual and each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored. In equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of creed, sex, age or disability. Free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth and prosperity. The government must practice fiscal responsibility so that the individual has more resources to spend in support of his family and community.

  • State Elected Officials
  • State Senator - Mike Dugan
  • State Representative - Micah Gravley
  • State Representative - Dusty Hightower

  • County Elected Officials
  • District Attorney - Brian Fortner
  • Sheriff - Phil Miller
  • Solicitor General - Matthew Krull
  • County Commission Chair - Tom Worthan
  • County Commissioner - Mike Mulcare
  • County Commissioner - Ann Jones Guider
  • Clerk of Superior / State Court - Tammy Howard
  • Tax Commissioner - Todd Cowan
  • Coroner - Randy Daniel
  • Board of Education - Jeff Morris
  • Board of Education - Carol Lindstrom

  • District Party Officials
  • 13th District First Vice Chair - Cindy Morley
  • 13th District County Rep. - Dan Zimmerman
  • GOP State Committee Member - Ryan Leonard
  • GOP State Committee Member - Matthew Krull

  • County Party Officials
  • DC Chair - Terry Baggett
  • DC First Vice Chair - David Emadi
  • DC Second Vice Chair - Cindy Morley
  • DC Third Vice Chair - Sherry McKinley
  • DC GOP Secretary - Ryan Leonard
  • DC GOP Treasurer - Bob Proctor
  • DC Executive Committee - Elaine Owens
  • DC Executive Committee - Dan Zimmerman
  • DC Executive Committee - Jon Goodfriend
  • DC Executive Committee - Francisco Artley
  • DC Executive Committee - John Lawrence
  • DC Executive Committee - Matthew Krull
  • DC Executive Committee - Jack Gamel
  • DC Executive Committee - Hubert Prewett
  • DC Executive Committee - Steven Wilson

Give Back

Community Outreach

The Douglas County Republican Party is committed to playing an active role in our community through volunteer efforts. We will only be able to build the grassroots support we desire by engaging with our constituents on a continuous and meaningful level. Showing up only during election time and asking for votes is a hollow and transparent gesture.

Please follow the live Facebook feed on this website under the "Stay in Touch" tab for current updates about volunteer opportunities.